Recruitment and selection

Recruitment in procurement, supply chain and facility management is our business.

If you have a vacancy in your purchase, supply chain or facility department, you want to find the right candidate to fill this position as soon as possible.  Pro-Cured is your business partner during the recruitment process. We take the whole process, or part of it, out of your hands so that you don’t lose any precious time.

Everything starts with an in-depth understanding of your needs and clarity about the skills and background required to fill a certain position. That is why we always start with a preliminary study, after which we plot out the optimum recruitment strategy with you.

What competencies and skills are you looking for? And what position-related competencies in procurement, supply chain or facility management must the candidate of your dreams have? We use all our resources to discreetly find, evaluate and recommend the right profiles for your vacancy:

  • Our extensive Pro-Cured database contains many motivated candidates we can approach quickly and effectively. But at the same time we also actively look further in external databases such as Stepstone, Sample, etc.
  • If the classic channels are not the best option to find the right person for a particular position, we perform a discreet executive search to find good candidates. Together we determine potential companies and candidates to contact, whom we then approach discreetly and personally.
  • Do you want to post your vacancy online, offline or on social media? Pro-Cured suggests the most suitable medium based on the preliminary study and our expertise.
  • Looking for several employees with more or less the same profile? In this case we can launch a continuous recruitment process for a definite period. We can ensure you that you will find all the right people efficiently and quickly.
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